The Aims and Objectives of the association are:

  • To uphold and maintain complete independence and highest decorum before the Presiding Officer(s) and Members of the Appellate Tribunal and Tribunal on the one hand, and to promote unity amongst the members of the Association on the other;
  • To promote and maintain high professional standards among members of the Association, at the same time promoting and protecting the privileges, interests and prestige of the association and its members, and inculcating respect for the Rule of Law and the spirit of democracy;
  • To promote compliance with the state of law, progress of legislation and administration of justice, and to conduct and hold seminars, symposia, conferences on issues and topics to disseminate information about the same;
  • To arrange for raising funds for legal aid, and to take measures including funding and applying of funds for aid to deserving members of the Association and their families, and for the employees of the Association and their families;
  • To act in coordination with the Presiding Officer(s) and Member(s) of the NCLAT and NCLT for the welfare of the Members of the Association and other professional bodies and, for that purpose, to coordinate and invite participation of various panels of professionals including that of Company Administrators, Company Liquidators, Registered Valuers and others as may be required under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.